We like to have fun with side projects to keep things fresh.

A Life


This project was inspired by Oliver Burkeman's book Four Thousand Weeks and the subsequent discovery of Tim Urban's Wait But Why post Your Life in Weeks.

Yay Brigade Favorite Albums 2020

Favorite Albums


The fourth generation of our continuing experiment, showcasing our favorite music of each year in an imaginative way.

All the Bands website screenshot

All the Bands


In the summer of 2019, we launched a passion project: All the Bands is a website where users can create an inventory of their favorite musical acts and compare the list with their friends. Kudos to Jack Greenberg for his React wizardry!

Yay Brigade Favorite Albums 2018

Favorite Albums


We celebrate the end of each year by making lists of our favorite music albums and showcasing them on a fun microsite.

Yay Brigade Favorite Albums 2017

Favorite Albums of 2016–2017



The second iteration of our year-end list of favorite albums. For 2016 and 2017, spinning circles create a mandala-like visual wonderland.

CalArts Graphic Design Almanac

CalArts Graphic Design Almanac


Roman worked on this personal project, which grew out of his desire to have a definitive list of all graphic design alumni and faculty at CalArts (his alma mater).

Cat Calculator

Cat Calculator


We created a small (cat-infused) tool that allows freelancers to calculate their hourly rate by answering a series of questions.

Hey Randy

Hey Randy


In 2014, with the help of our first intern, Aaron Greenberg, we created a raffle picker website and recruited a few friendly animals pals.

Yay Brigade Favorite Albums 2014

Favorite Albums of 2013–2015




This is the first iteration of our Favorite Albums site. It served us well for three years of music.