Our work is joyful and rigorous with a dash of whimsy. Take a look.

A Greater LA: Climate Action Framework website

A Greater LA: Climate Action Framework


The folks at the Los Angeles Regional Collaborative (LARC) have been hard at work, writing their research report “A Greater LA: Climate Action Framework.” The report offers a plan of action for regional collaboration to fight climate change in the Los Angeles area. We worked with LARC to create an identity, infographics, and website for the report.

The Institute of Domestic Technology website

The Institute of Domestic Technology


We worked with the Institute of Domestic Technology to give their website a much needed facelift. It even works on mobile now. What a relief! The ticketing for upcoming classes is handled via Eventbrite and imported into the website dynamically through their API. Check it out. You might even be inspired to take a class. Cheesemaking or coffee roasting anyone?

Oakwood Athletics Annual

Oakwood Athletics Annual


Oakwood School stepped up its game in the athletics arena by producing an annual sports yearbook. We designed a small but mighty booklet that chronicles the 2015/16 season and reflects their rising prestige in high school sports.

MAK Center Visitor Guide

MAK Center Visitor Guide


For many moons, the MAK Center handed out an unfolded legal paper to its visitors. At last, those days are over. We designed a beautiful, new visitor guide for the Schindler House. It’s based on a self-guided walking tour of the house that enables visitors to gain insight into its history, residents, and architectural significance. To keep printing costs down for the high-volume job, we opted for newsprint. Though, we did splurge on 3 spot colors.

Oakwood Stories website

Oakwood Stories


We worked with Oakwood School to design a platform to share their inspiring stories about students, faculty, and alumni. Among the inaugural posts are an interview with L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti, a profile of the Oakwood debate team, and a story about students making charming ceramic rain catchers.

Bronstruction website



We worked with Carl Bronson to design and develop a new website for Bronstruction, a Los Angeles based general contracting firm specializing in custom and mid-century modern homes. We were inspired by the logo to create a randomized honeycomb grid to display the projects.

As Is: Noah Purifoy, Joshua Tree book

As Is: Noah Purifoy, Joshua Tree


We worked with East of Borneo, Susan Morgan, and Dominique Vorillon on a new book about Noah Purifoy's outdoor museum in Joshua Tree.

Oakwood School Annual Report website

Oakwood School Annual Report


We designed the digital version of the Oakwood School Annual Report. It's a narrative scrolling site that features quirky animations alongside the technical information to create moments of surprise and delight.

Natalie Bookchin website

Natalie Bookchin


We worked with artist Natalie Bookchin to redesign her portfolio site. For the design, we drew inspiration from her work, especially her video installations and films.

The Witness Tree website

The Witness Tree


The Witness Tree is a project by artist Carolyn Monastra that features photographs and essays documenting the effects of climate change around the world.

Wildflowering L.A. Book

Wildflowering L.A.


We had the pleasure of working with artist Fritz Haeg and LAND to design the book documenting the Wildflowering L.A. project.more...

Wildflowering L.A. meditates on the life cycles of native wildflowers in seemingly seasonless Southern California. At 50 sites around Los Angeles County, volunteers sowed native wildflowers in the fall of 2013 to bloom in spring 2014.

In 2013, Roman had worked with Fritz to design the identity for the project including the wooden signs, flyers, and posters. Yay Brigade designed the book documenting the project. It features essays, site documentation journals, planting instructions, and beautiful photos of urban wildflower fields. It can be purchased via LAND (Los Angeles Nomadic Division).

Schindler Lab Online Publication

Schindler Lab


Schindler Lab is an online publication that documents a series of exhibitions highlighting the Schindler House, the groundbreaking residential dwelling built by R. M. Schindler in 1922 in Los Angeles.more...

Our aim was to create a focused, readerly experience that did not feel like a traditional website or blog. We wanted to emulate the rigor and gravitas of a print publication while still building a truly contemporary website. Ultimately, we created a site that provides space and tranquility for readers to get immersed in the writing.

The essays and proposal pages are structured simply, giving most of the attention to typography and large, full-bleed images. For the color palette, we drew inspiration from the materials used in constructing the house: muted blues (concrete), mahogany reds (copper and wood) and yellowing browns (canvas).

We explored alternative forms of navigation instead of a traditional menu. The table of contents clearly outlines the scope of the publication. It can be seen on every page as abstracted color bars along the top of the browser window, or accessed as a more detailed, full-page overlay.

Pasadena Conservatory of Music Website

Pasadena Conservatory of Music


The Pasadena Conservatory of Music (PCM) is dedicated to teaching traditional and contemporary music to children and adults. Since both of us love playing music, we were really thrilled to get the opportunity to redesign their website, which launched in July 2014.more...

One of PCM’s main goals was to reflect the school’s diverse offerings and student body, while highlighting the scope and rigor of their classes. We created a comprehensive navigational system that shows which departments offer classes for children and for adults. On desktops and tablets, the menus provide more detailed information, while still functioning beautifully on mobile devices.

PCM also wanted to promote their events and concerts series. We created a system that allows events to be highlighted and featured on any page of the site. The site is built in a modular fashion, so new pages can easily be designed and added to the site in the backend admin area.

MAK Center for Art and Architecture Website

MAK Center for Art and Architecture


The MAK Center for Art and Architecture is a contemporary space that explores the intersection of art and architecture through experimental programming. They are headquartered in the historic Schindler House, designed by Rudolph Schindler. We were asked to redesign and develop the new website, which launched in early 2014.more...

The MAK Center’s main challenge for the redesign was to communicate their multilayered mission to visitors: organizing events and exhibitions, preserving and programming historic architectural sites, and hosting a residency program. We created an intuitive navigational structure and an inviting, coherent homepage to reflect these goals.

We also built an archiving system for the MAK Center’s exhibitions and events, which allows visitors to filter past programming by category, year, or people.

Quintan Ana Wikswo Website

Quintan Ana Wiskwo


Quintan Ana Wikswo is a cross-disciplinary artist with an extensive and varied body of work. We had the pleasure of designing and developing her website, which launched in 2013.more...

Quintan's primary goal was to create a way for visitors to understand the structure of her work and navigate through it easily. We developed an intuitive navigation system that visually illuminates the structure of her work: large bodies of work contain multiple projects, which in turn contain multiple types of work (visual art, literature, film, and performance).

While developing the visual aesthetic, we found inspiration in Quintan’s work: her use of transparencies and layering of organic textures echo throughout our design.


Wearing our Developer Hats

Sometimes we work with other designers and focus on coding projects. Here are a few:

Once Upon a Time...

There was a time before Yay Brigade when Roman and Nicole were simply known as Roman and Nicole. You can see their previous work (including several early collaborations) here: